St. Paul Catholic Church History

In 1914 the Watkins parish became the mother parish to St. Paul’s in Newhall.

In November 1914 some of the present land was bought for $1,300 and the parish contracted with Jacob Kimm for the building of the church for $5,212. The church was completed in the spring of 1915 and the debt paid in 1930.

Fr. Joseph Weber became the first resident pastor in the spring of 1948. He also cared for St. John’s in Blairstown, while their church was being built. He had a rectory built in Newhall.

In 1959, the families of St. Paul’s numbered over 100. In 1953 additional ground was purchased and the present church was built in 1960.

One member of the parish entered the Franciscan Sisters in Dubuque and another was ordained a priest.